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Roller Shutter Doors

Machine Moving

Affordable Group specialises in Heavy Lifts, Machine Moving and Rigging for professional heavy lift requirements. We supply up to a 210 Ton/meter Crane Truck, 200 Ton Mobile Gantry systems & qualified Riggers ready to perform any Heavy Lift Project.

Crane Hire

Affordable Group specialises in Mobile Cranes ranging from 8 Tons to 500 Tons. Our mobile cranes are available for hire throughout most areas around South Africa & into Africa for long term contracts. Cranes available include all-terrain, truck-mounted or rough-terrain vehicles to suit all requirements.

Crane Trucks

We supply Crane Trucks lifting up to 35,000kgs for loading, transport & off-loading heavy machines, containers, generators, transformers, presses, tanks, crushers & abnormal or heavy lifts. We also specialise in factory relocations throughout Southern Africa and offer turnkey solutions, including dismantling, engineering, rigging and & electrical requirements.


Our certified riggers will provide a professional service, complete rigging studies and advising clients so that all lifts can be completed safely. The safety of all people on site involved in the lift are our major concern and we strive to keep our 100% accident free record. Affordable Group is also able to supply certified equipment required for all lifts.

Transport Vehicles

Affordable Group specializes in lowbeds and move anything from earth moving equipment , aircraft fuselages, abnomral tanks,  trees, etc. which are transported around Sub-Saharan Africa, we also have access to a large, flexible fleet of trucks, trailers and axles and our hands-on experience ensures that we meet your most stringent transport requirements for any type of load.

Our professional and comprehensive range of transport services ensures that your loads will be delivered safely and reliably on site.


Crane Hire, Crane Trucks, Machine Moving, medium Lifts, Rigging, Transport, Factory Moves, Container Transport, Turnkey Projects, abnormal loads, Road Projects, Erection of Sign Boards & Steel Structures, Delicate Loads, Tree Relocations, Containers Packing & Unpacking, Consulting on Projects, Fuel Tanks, Boilers, Presses, Crushers, CNC Machines, ect.

Aerial Platforms

AERIAL PLATFORMS (CHERRY PICKERS):  Call us for a quotation to supply the access platforms required for working at heights. We supply the appropriate equipment to make every job at height safe & practical, whether you need to work at 10m or 30m. Platforms available include scissor lifts, telescopic or articulated booms and various others to suit all your needs.

Our Services:

  • Mobile Crane Hire (8 Ton to 220 Ton)
  • Crane Trucks (2 Tons to 35 Tons)
  • Transport Vehicles (Abnormal Loads ,Shipping Containers)
  • Rigging Services (Certified Riggers & Equipment)
  • Risk Assessments/Rigging Studies/Safety Files
  • Consulting on Projects, Factory Relocations
  • Aerial Platforms (Cherry Pickers)
  • Jack & Sliding (200 Ton Transformers)
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